Sunday, March 15, 2009

Still in WMI mood:)

This morning i woke up early as i guess has been the routine for 5 days to wake up very early and start my journey to ICCA. It was a very touched moment when i check my mails and fb and also my flickrs as well as my blog, YOU have taken your time to browse thru to read, to watch and also to motivate me in everyway that u can. I am trully touch. Like i said i was a nobody in this beautiful cake decorating world. I never had friends that is willing to share the feeling i have inside, but that was yesterday, TODAY with my new title of an authorised wilton method instructor and of course with the support given thru out these years i am where i am today:) None of this would have happened if its not because of U! The love for cake decorating that i have inside of me is for u to treasure.

Special dedication:

To a very beautiful inside out Mdm Rosalind Chan; u really have the touch of touching people and make them strong, confident and also very inspired. Your words are very very strong, your never ending tips helps me a lot in gaining and boosting my confident level to the max! I treasured every moment with you and very honoured to be chosen of one of the first batch under u. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for the oppotunity mem will love you always:)

To Joanne Fam: The first class that i had with you was what kept me going strong. You inspired me to be among the best and also the way you teach is totally into the modern era of teaching:) Love you Jo and thank you for all the help and also the tips

To Adlina: Thank you dear for always believing in me, u are the one who have push me so hard that i try my luck for WMI. Thank you so much! Love

To My Beloved and Dearest Families: (A very special thanks to you)
Baba, Mama, Sherry, Eon, Cici & Ezri and also my handsome n beautiful angels Imran & Iris. Im doing all this because of YOU. I was lost before, i have nothing before, people laugh at me when i wanna do a cake biz before BUT you guys stood strong behind me and let me lean againts you when im down when im weak. Now no more dearest, i have stand strong i have made it to the top and wil always work hard to ensure that ill be the best among the best. Ill make you proud of me.

To my darling, my soul and my life Imran: I love you so very much, i cant give u a "perfect" family with mommy n daddy inside it BUT im giving you the world darling with everybody will love u and will see you and of course will treasure your existence in the world Because you are special darling angel, no matter what people have said mama will make sure u have the world in your hand. Ill work hard and ill make you proud of me and u can kept saying " my mama always make cake" to your friends ya. My love, my prayers will always be with u sayang

To my cousins: Kak P, Mama Ada, Kak enny,KN thank you for the strong words and advise:) and thank you for always being there when i needed someone to talk

and again a special THANKS to DYMM Raja Permaisuri Agong, all the VIPs,all my dearest customers, peepers and all of you, silent readers, my followers, you are my FRIENDS who have help me in making a mark in this industry. I will improve my work from time to time to give only the best.



Cotton*Candy said...

hi! i adore those wonderful beautiful cakes of yours! they're absolutely gorgeous!! i have no talent in cake decorating at all! but i do have yummy cupcake stuff - bags, coasters, bowls, wall plaques available in my kelder (basement). do pop by! keep making those beautiful cakes of yours! you are indeed talented!!


Dyalycious said...

congrats kak inn....may u have the most success biz..amin...

btw, kak inn lupe nak take pic with Nancy...hehe..



Iza Zulkifli said...

u go girl!!! :)

good luck and all the best. i just sooo love your merry-go-round cake!


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