Tuesday, March 17, 2009

during WMI course Cake

i made these during my WMI course last week, the course was from 9am-6pm and i have to rush home every single day for 5 days straight and make sure im at home latest by 8pm and start decorating it. Thanks to mom n cici for helping me with the baking part:)


Karen said...

Hi there,
I found your blog from the Bake from scratch website.
I must say i love the way you decorate your cakes. I just started baking and am eager to learn all methods possible. If you dont mind, can i inquire where did you learn to do the icing designs?

Thanks and keep up the good work!!

inn said...

hi karen, tq for dropping by. i learn from experience and also for the profesional look i took up wilton courses:)


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