Sunday, March 15, 2009

Officially a WMI

Today 15th Mac 2009 Im officially a Wilton Method Instructor! Will start conducting classes in April 2009. Come & join me at any ICCA branches ya:)

The proudest moment of my life, who have thought that i cant go anywhere with cake decorating? See me now from no body in cake decorating world, i am flying up, up high to capture those stars now:)
From the bottom of my heart i dedicate this special moment of "US" to Rosalind Chan as founder n principal of WMI Malaysia - u have change my life and thank you so very much for the appreciation and also for the opportunity to be part of ur new family:) will behave well like u said and will make u proud of me one fine day..(i want to put my name on the Wall of Fame too!!) and also a special THANKS to Jo who have have been a great inspiration to be among the best!!

to my dearest friends, customers, peepers and also YOU, let us share the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating now, come n join my class and lets have lots of FUN ya! C u there!

There's no words to describe the feeling i have inside and none of this would have happened if it is not because of YOU. Thank you all for making it happened and thanks for all of the opportunity given

to my family; dad,mom,sherry,eon,cici,ezri and my angels Imran & Iris u r my world and my wall who have stood strong n tall go thru thick n thin; you are my Everything!! Thank you for always believing in me.

lots of love always: Inn


Swee San said...

Hello Inn !! Congratulations :) See you around in ICCA!!

Annaster said...

I was your silent reader and very proud of you..

sweet-endings said...

Congratulations, Inn! Wish you all the best! I'm very proud of you, my friend. You are at where you are now because of your strong determinations. Keep it up!...and HE will assist you.:)

Linda Hussin said...

Congrats Kak Inn...

Jo's PastryDelight said...

Congratulation,Inn. I am happy for you and wish you the best in the future. You deserve the best!

Adrianne C. said...

Congratulations Kak Inn! Have always love reading your blog and admire the wonderful things you do =) You are who you are today because of your toughness and strength. Gambatte! May God bless you always!


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