Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Imran's Flying Lesson with JFK

Date: 23rd April 2011
Venue: Subang Skypark
Time: 1400hr - 1500hr

Imran will be celebrating his 7th birthday this coming May and since he wanted to be a pilot and keep asking if he can fly an aplane we decided to find a way and make his wish come true.

So last sunday, we made arrangement with Johan Farid Khairudin or best know as JFK - a song producer, singer, HitzFM DJ and he fly and aplane too:)) We are very proud and honoured to be given the chance to fly in his Cessna and let imran feels what it's like to fly in a small plane

We flew around KL, JFK made sure that we see all n we almost touch KLCC and KL tower. Imran was so happy as JFK also teach and give simple lesson/guide onto becoming a pilot. Imran wants to do it again, and yes me and Eon wants to do it again.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Eon for making all the arrangement, without her we wouldn't have the courage (ya im a bit scared at first but Eon said its gonna be allrite) and of course to Mr. JFK we heart u loads sir. THANK YOU for giving the best flying lesson and adventure to my boy. We shall do it again before u fly in a big plane. Im missing it actually and Imran cant stop talking about Abg Johan this and Abg Johan that. He said "mom i want to be like Abg Johan, a pilot and famous". JFK you are such and inspiration not just to a small kid to pursue his dream but to me to think big and bigger and nothing is impossible.

PS; if u have a dream work hard and work smart to achieve it. We have a dream of seeing imran's flying an aplane as i always said to him "mom may not afford to take u travel and see the world but mom, YOyon and family will find a way to make u fly on your own and experience all adventures that life has to offer" My friend in FB said " imran has written his name up on the sky" and yes im so proud of him.

This is only the beginning of pursuing his dream to be a pilot:D

Inn Erviena

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