Sunday, August 29, 2010

over the years

hi all

i've decided to transfer some of my creations in flickr to my blogspot & facebook

here are some of it. more will be coming:))

notes: along the way i've met a lot of people: some can accept my work of art some give me the freedom to explore, some just pick-up the phone and said "pls send cake to this date with this theme, design is all up to you", but there some who r not happy with my works, im truly sorry as all cakes are custom made n i cant copy the whole idea from someone else's website n claim that it's mine: along the way there will be some changes in terms of size, colors, etc from the original pictures/ideas: - but above all i feel honoured to be given the chance to be part of the celebrations. I know i cant please everybody.. but i know most of you r there to continue your support for Cupcakes by Datin Maryzain. i'm honoured,..i'm blessed

a special Thanks to all of you my regular customers (u know who you are), DYMM Permaisuri Agong, Royalties,VIPs and all friends

Thank You for visiting, thank you for the opportunities. I will post more pictures soon

inn erviena

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