Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Black Cakes - "Bertemu Jodoh"

last Friday 29th May 2009 - 2 different customer ida (bdr mahkota) and zana (Kl-Melaka) ordered these cakes:

Ida - she ordered the 2 tier cake for his brother's wedding hantaran. she said, she wants black and pink as a theme color. so i did the two tier cake and add the butterfly at a very last minute for the classy look.

Zana - ordered a tuxedo cake also for hantaran for the wedding. she said this is for the groom side. and asked me wether i could do it, of course i did i can:)
both of them wanted CHOC MOIST CAKE

THE BEST PARTOn the wedding ceremony day which is 30th May 2009 (yesterday).. my cake MET in the same wedding!! The bride side didnt know that the groom's sister ordered cake from me too, its just that i told IDA that im doing another black cake for a wedding (because she is scared that the black cake didnt look nice and i said dont worry we stick to plan:)
So IDA sms me and said : "Inn - the moment i set my eyes on the tuxedo cake, i think of you straight away"!! - what a day ya.. 2 different person ordered 2 different cake and my cakes MET on the same ceremony and they exchange my cake for each other
we both laugh and i said " then why didnt u invite me for the wedding? my 2 cakes is there already hehehhhe..

the whole of my family laugh and just couldnt believe it. it was a new inspiration to create more and more wedding cakes..and who knows..we might find our soul mate during the transaction:)... Posted 1 second ago. ( permalink delete edit )

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