Monday, December 8, 2008

imran-iris cupcakes pops & truffles

made these truffles for AidilAdha open house yesterday

imran-iris cupcake pop; made these for all the family yesterday:) it was a fun project!


beksidegrrl said...

Hi Inn, your creations are such an inspiration!

I tried the cakepops after seeing the martha stewart show and have been an avid reader of bakerella.

I enjoy baking and bake for fun with my sisters over the weekends :)

Would you be kind enough to share with me where to source for the lollipop sticks and also the candy melts and choc bark here in KL? I used lindt chocolate to coat my cakepops eventhough they tasted good but they turned out looking rather messy would like to know where to buy good baking products.

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Luv: Bawanee

nuerulz Lv saidatul said...

hiii innn
senarai arge 4 thiz cake
if order from penang
lei thn ke????
really hungry when look @ ur cupcakes Inn

inn said...

hi bawanee & nuerulz

thanks for viewing ya:)

bewanee - i got a lot of my cake stuff from ICCA, do visit their new outlets - you'll be crazy at all the range of stuff that they have:) if u see me there say hi ok!!

nuerulz - i x hantar my cakes outstation la, so far ni my outstation customers semua dtg self collect:)) but let me know kalau ade org/friends yg boleh ambik the cakes for u in kl ni ya..:)

tq girls:)

beksidegrrl said...

Thank you Inn, I'm going crazieeee juz browsing through the website :D no more cake pops with satay sticks! did i tell u i substitute the lollipop sticks to satay sticks!! hehehe

Thanks alot I'm going over there on Saturday :D


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