Saturday, November 29, 2008

Iris Maryam Qarleesa

Cupcakes by Datin MaryZain is welcoming the new princess of the house:)
born at 31 weeks, 26/11/2008. 1.20am Wednesday

we cant wait to bring you home darling, get well soon,


Rohaida said...

Congrats on Iris' birth. How much did she weigh at birth? I hope she'll be home soon.
I gave birth at 31 weeks too last year. She weighed 1.84 kg and had to stay for a month at the hospital.

inn said...

oh iris weigh at 1.63kg, she's doing great alhamdullillah, today she drink 16ml of milk and hopefully she can celebrate raya haji with all of us, my imran came out at 32 weeks, stayed in the hosp for 2 weeks and now he is a healthy 4 1/2 yrs old boy

come to think of it? what makes our baby wanna come out so fast is it the toys r us? or is it the time? only God have the answer ya,

thanks rohaida, give me ur link ya. tq

Angeline said...

err sweet heart, I cant recall when you got pregnant? Did I miss out?


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