Saturday, August 9, 2008


i spend a lot on wilton products lately..aaaa loottt. cant believe the amount when i re-culculated at home, when everyone is sleeping:)) BUT it's worth every peny, and also all these babies can last for a very long long time, it's an investment ** trying to calm my self down:)) ohh in case u cant get ur copy on the latest yearbook, pls wait for the shipment ya as rosalind only carry a handfull of it, will be more in september i guess..till then, i really need to sleep & spend more time with imran as he kept complaining " mom u always busy!!" so till wednesday all and take care!!:))

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cakeswithlove said...

Hi inn!

i managed to get the yearbook too! been looking at it everyday...

and just like u, i have been spending like water since our last class... and been telling myself (and hubby), "it's an investment"..heeheehee..not sure how long i can use that excuse. btw, i sooooooo love your creative cakes!!!! just can't stop, can you? heehee...


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