Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Margaret Too - THANK YOU!!

Today, i received a parcel from somebody that i've never met, never speak to or in other words i dont know her. BUT she has been a FAN to all my beautiful creations. Where did she find me? How did she find me? Only God knows:)

She read about an article or it is a question on what to say to your child when u r a singlemom that i've posted in minti (honestly i've totally forgotten about it) n here with a love letter, with notes of courage she touched my heart.

thank you Margaret Too, for the "pink letter". U have put a smile in my heart and face!!:)) All this while i tought that apart from my family no one else understand the pain that i've gone thru, but with U i now know that it is not a sin to be single:))

i love when u say :** be happy because you are a 'cupcake' to Imran**. Thank you margaret too, thank you for all the lovely words!:)) Love; inn

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