Saturday, August 9, 2008

day with Rosalind Chan

Rosalind Chan; President & Principal Instructor
the happiest day of life as a cake decorator is when finally you got to meet your idol. I got to spend one whole day with rosalind at wilton pj today, sharing tips & ideas! She has been all around the world and did so many wonders but still she is a very humble and down to earth lady. Thanks rosalind chan for the beautiful day!! Looking forward to meet u again next year!

for kak khatija & angie; u guys rock! cant wait for more beautiful decorations from you guys. keep in touch & love always

picture: kak khatija, rosalind, me & angie!


Angeline said...

Learned so much on that day from both masters. Eversince then, I closed n open my eyes, thinking all about Cake Decorating. I am so addicted! Rosalind n Alex were cool.

kat said...

I had a great time too...Just a few months back I read about her from the net.Discovered ICCA.Joined thing I know,I was standing beside Rosalind Chan together with you guys!

inn said...

which one is u kat? give me the link


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