Monday, July 7, 2008

colorful life

my first cake since imran got out from the hospital! i just need to play with colors to get myself ready for a huge order this weekend!!:)) oopps an early intro; candy n chocolate from datin maryzain will be available soon, very soon guys. watch out for it ya!
**made this colorful polka dots cake with royal icing flowers for dinner @ mom's best friend's house tonite. Mom & her best friend have known each other for almost 20 years!!:))
it is such a great and amazing adventure and experience that i had in this couple of years; from someone who barely baked till i can bake even when i'm sleeping:) YOU my friends, viewers, peepers and of course my customers have given me a great great support and opportunities lots of it in fact. The biz keep going strong and meeting new people and making new friends is something that i will treasure. There is no words to describe how gratefull i am. I am honoured and touched by all the support given!! Thank you so much all, love will always be with you!!

ermm wondering why am i so emotional lately:)) maybe the age? ohh boyy...:(

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